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Terms and Conditions
*You Must have a Valid Website and a Valid email for that website to access any content*
Promotion and Marketing Methods -
You may market our sites in any manner that you feel works best for you. You know your traffic. The only restraint is that You Can Not Use Any Hardcore Content and you can not spam. If you do, your partnership will be immediately terminated and all unpaid money will be forfeited.
Content -
Any content that we provide for you to use must retain its original copyright. You may make your own banners and graphics using the  images, but they must link to our site (using your affiliate code of course). You may not use our content to promote any other websites.
Payment and Stats -
Third party billing and stats provided by CCBill. You can check your stats as often as you like. There is a delay of about 30 minutes in the stats program. Payment are sent out weekly by CCBill. You must have  at least $25.00 to have a check sent. If you have not earned the minimum, your money will carryover until you do have the minimum amount.
60% Commission -
You will earn 60% of the profit, of the initial sign-up amount for any person that you send that joins. If that person rebills, you will earn 60% of the profit, of the rebill amount. You will continue to be paid for that member for as long as they continue to rebill. If for any reason the person charges back you also will forfeit your commissions for that person.
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