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Frequently Asked Questions
When do I get paid?
Check are sent out weekly by CCBill. You must have earned at least $25.00 to have a check sent to you. If you have not earned at least $25.00, your money will carry over until you have the minimum amount.
Where can I check my stats?
Your stats can be check at CCBill. Stats are available anytime of the day. There is about a 30 minute delay in the report.
Can I promote you site any way that I want?
There is NO HARDCORE CONTENT and NO SPAMMING allowed. Other than those you may promote our sites anyway that you like within legal boundaries.
Can I use your content to build TGP galleries?
Yes you can. In fact we encourage you to, as our sites convert well from TGP traffic. We provide a regularly updated content area for you to download fresh photo sets to build galleries with. You must link any galleries that you make to our sites though. You can not use our content to promote any other sites.
Do you provide hosted galleries?
Yes we provide you with hosted galleries for your TGP, Free Site, or your Member's area. The hosted galleries are updated regularly, or you can use our daily gallery rotator.
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